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June 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
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New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

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Coyote of Oakland, CA writes:
Tony Rocks with Love and Insight. Much appreciation.

Jay writes:
So, why isn't anyone going after all these terrorists! EVERYONE should go to www.zeitgeistmovie.com and watch this film! And then pass it on to anyone you know. We need to take back this great nation that our founding fathers worked so hard to build. The Revolution Starts Now!

Elaine N. Ramey of Kissimmee, FL writes:
Since the 2000 election was rigged and then stolen, I have not believed anything from the Bush Regime. Back in 2003, Pope John Paul II stated that he believed that Bush had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks! The attacks have since been proven indeed to have been an inside job. Can anyone believe for a moment that NORAD would allow unprotected open skies for a full ninety minutes so the attacks could take place unless they were give orders to "stand down"?

Jerry Zemens of Almont, MI writes:
For "Party News," why not include the Populist Party of America? Constitutional government couldn't hurt for a change!

brmerrick of New Jersey, USA writes:
The ancient church never embraced socialism. If and when the church ever held property in common, it was voluntary. This is the crucial difference between Christianity and socialism.

Exactly how many more of God's children need to be crushed under the boot of a socialist dictator before you wake up and realize that the free market, an uncontrollable living organism that existed before any earthly government, is not the enemy?

Socialist policy in this country rendered the black man obsolete. Socialist schools have retarded generations of children. Socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare are now bankrupt. Socialist policies in the twentieth century murdered untold millions of people in the former Soviet Union and communist China.

We must learn to distinguish between big business, which so very often gets into bed with government and enforces socialist policies, and the free market, which is the exact opposite of government and it's big business whore.

Jan Enarson of Edmonton, AB, Canada responds:
The good chap from New Jersey is no doubt a deeply religious individual. He or she puts his/her unwavering faith in the Holy Trinity of 'The free market', 'competition' and 'unregulated capitalism' as told by His Holy Profit.

Jesus Christ only practised physical violence once in His Ministry as far as I can find in the Bible, when He took a whip, overturned the money tables of the capitalists and free marketers of his day and threw them out of the Temple.

Believe me, to the extent that social policies have been practiced in America, it has saved your Country from going under long ago. It is a known fact that Cuban school children are better educated that their American counterparts.

The Reagan-Thatcher ideology, was the beginning of the end for America and the Washington consensus elite. I don't think your faith in 'Free Markets' is going to save your Country from impending disaster now.

As far as people in the former Soviet Union and China dying under those regimes, I believe you have confused socialism with communism. Far more people have been murdered and untold more destitute, throughout history under the guise of 'free markets' than any other ideology.

Rosa Luxemburg said it best back in 1915: "The choice facing humanity is one of socialism or barbarism." Almost one hundred years later our choice remains the same.

Eileen Davis of Capitola, CA writes:
Thanks to my nephew, Brian, for finding your site & forwarding to me. I'm going to tell my progressive friends about it too.

Chris Gruener of Newton , MA, USA writes:
911 was an inside job.

John Cameron of Blackheath. NSW, Australia writes:
Wherever, whenever worldly armed conflict arises predictably the specter of Uncle Sam materializes.

M. L. Mosher of Massachusetts writes:
There is a lot of history where societies either pulled together, or perished. I experienced that on a small scale in my own home town in the 1960s. Corporations seem to be controlling everything, too big for a society who is more concerned with their own interests, than the future. America is said to be in trouble because we think of ourselves, today, with little concern for the future. I am one scared individual who sees, but can't convince people in my world that there is cause to worry. Who do they think is running this show?

John Sullivan of Royersford, PA writes:
In response to '9-11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?' by David Ray Griffin:

As the dated phrase goes, "Right On" can only sum up your article. Unfortunately though I believe that some other forces were involved in the 911 Conspiracy right beside if not directing the entire plot. I speak of the Israeli (CIA) structured wing of their army yet seperate from such.

The Israeli Mossad is very active in the USA. They gather intelligence, defend Israeli interests and are capable of doing just about anything the have the desire to do. The Mossad also contains elements that are deemed extreme except in certain closed circles. These extremists are no different than the arab extremists who suicide bomb in the name of their cause and in the name of Allah. I believe that it is quite possible if not probable that Mossad... Continued

L. Landon of Glendale, CA writes:
Interesting and thought stimulating points of view. Well worth reading.

Jeff of Holly, CO writes:
Just wanted to say hi and nice job on your website.

Tom writes:
I'm new to this site and like what I see.

HardHawk of Limassol, Cyprus writes:
In response to 'From Darkness, Awakening' by Robert C. Koehler:

I think this writer has pointed out accurately most major issues he is writing about here, but I don't agree with him that the reason of the shortcomings either in health or other social issues happening in USA these last decades are because Bush and company cannot fathom the problem and solve it.

On the contrary, for the people on the outside looking in on what is happening in the USA today and for the last 3 presidencies, it is painfully obvious that these Governments have moved on a very well-rehearsed plan executed precisely on time to impose their laws and bylaws that effectivelly elevate them above the law preparing for the time that the real masters of USA who ... Continued

Brent of CA, USA responds:
Methinks thouest doth have some Islamic flavor within thine protestations...? You do come off as intelligent using the English language, then your use of it digresses to a point that your point is not taken. I did not know of any American aggression towards Cyprus, rather I think they're one of our allies. Hardhawk: Americans are waking up, although the slumber has been a deep sleep. Hang in there.

Ben Garst of Livermore, Ca writes:
Very interesting.

Brent of Palmdale, CA writes:
Killing upon killing. Pride in the name of love, says U2. Where is Bono when world opinions go unnoticed? Where is Henry Kissinger, or even one representative of the Council on Foreign Relations, when the world needs a good honest opinion? Just who can the American public depend upon to give them on honest opinion? No respectable Democrat nor Republican can offer a logical solution to the skirmish between the Lebanese and Israelis. Why?

They have been told to be silent, as silent as the FBI was told to be, before, and after, the 9/11/01 travesty. As the next November elections come before you, my fellow Americans, please choose well. Innocent lives may depend upon your votes. Tony, may your life, and mine, be safe.

Brent of Palmdale, CA writes:
After having been exposed to the tragic 9/11/01 events, I have been systematically overwhelmed with emotions that have since caused me to leave the Republican party. I am sincerely sorry that my vote helped to put W. in the White House. That W does stand for WAR! Let there be no doubt about it. Just to listen to him try to speak casually to reporters is truly an amusement of the english language. David Letterman often reveals his comments made while being recorded. Witness great moments in Presidential speeches. "Ask not what you can do for your country..."

A majority of New Yorkers have gotten a real good grasp of what is real, and what has been fabricated, or presented, to the American public as real.

Phil writes:
In response to 'Will We Choose To Survive?' by Jared Diamond:

What a profound article. So to the point. Let's hope we as a people respond appropriately. Time is truly short.

Fred Burks writes:
Thank you so much for covering the 9/11 issue. I believe it is the most important single political issue we are currently facing. It raises serious spiritual questions, as well, which many of us are dealing with. Together, I have no doubt that we can and will transform this planet into a more loving, cooperative place to live.

With much gratitude and warm wishes.

Brent of Palmdale, CA writes:
In response to 'From Darkness, Awakening' by Robert C. Koehler:

Bob: Many of us who have become informed about the divisiveness created by the political leaders in charge are beginning to realize some of the options for peace. You have hinted at a large majority that can come forth and bring about a change in this direction. The military, or rather, veterans. Be they current, or former enlisted men & women. Thousands of us visit VA hospitals, for a myriad of reasons. Should a few spread the word amongst others, the possibilities for peace grow. Those that have been exposed to DU from just being in Iraq, are a large contingent. I should mention the many 'experimental' injections they have received, too! When another expresses the sentiment to you, "May you be in good health," offer a silent prayer to the infected service members.

Peace is a noble ambition.

Kenneth M. Laster of Soddy-Daisy, TN writes:
This article is right-on. I don't know why 'religious people' do not react as they should. But we who know and love the truth are of various venues. I know that truth will bare witness with truth. If one's heart is in the right place, he will eventually see the truth. Time may or may not be on our side. These people who perpetrated this heinous act will invariably speed up their plans for global domination and totalitarian control when they sense that the truth is so obvious. We must be expedient with our efforts to expose the truths of 911. Scripture states that unless those days of the end be shortened, no flesh would be saved. This, to me, gives each of us the responsible mandate to act with haste. God bless and please contact me if I can help. Meantime, I will be a voice in the wilderness. Thanks.

Anna Dewart of Brunswick, GA writes:
I don't know whether to be relieved or frightened at discovering a source that voices support of my every intuitive reaction and response to events that seem purposefully designed to undermine our country and disenfranchize its citizens!

MK of Cleveland, OH writes:
In response to 'Taking a Closer Look: Hard Science and the Collapse of the World Trade Center' by Dave Heller:

Just read the article on the science of the 9/11 WTC implosion. Excellent.

Connie Taylor of Camarillo, CA writes:
In response to 'On Morality' by Paul Plasencia:

What can i say? OH WOW! It's scary when people think like i do.

Gene Derig of Anacortes, Wa, USA writes:
Now here is some really good news.

Instant Runoff Voting Successful in Vermont

MaryBeth Ingberg of Chicago, IL writes:
In response to 'Yes, We Still Need a Religious Left' by Rabbi Michael Lerner:

Thanks for a breath of fresh air, Rabbi Lerner. Meaning is indeed missing from the Democratic Party wing of this nation's power elite. Therefore, inspiration, courage and leadership must emerge from among the people who strive daily to have a positive impact on their neighbors' lives. Thoughtful and insightful article.

A.J. Hill of Nederland, CO writes:
In response to '9-11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?' by David Ray Griffin:

For more than a year, ever since I first read David Ray Griffin's book, 'The New Pearl Harbor,' I've researched everything I could find on 9-11 and especially anything that promised to look beyond the absurd fairy tale promulgated by the Bush administration and slavishly endorsed by the 9-11 Commission.

Before long I was writing letters and e-mails to friends, family, newspapers, and politicians, demanding to know why this topic hasn't attracted more serious main stream attention. Of course, I knew the answer: partisan politicians, pusillanimous newsmen, right wing zealots, and sheeplike citizens have all combined to suppress the truth - or at least a search for the truth.

Thank goodness for people like you, who have given your time and talents to analyze the gross inconsistencies of the conventional 9-11 scenario and to keep active speculation alive. Now things are beginning to change. In a single day, I've heard Randi Rhodes state that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Mike Malloy read a letter noting how often Bush and Co. refer to 9-11 in justifying their assaults on liberty. As that letter pointed out, we need people to speak of this daily in every possible forum. The truth will out, but, if it's going to do so in our lifetimes, we need to help. Thanks for doing your part!

carel muller responds:
To be able to respond, religious or not, you must be able to face the facts and digest them. Who can, besides those who already do?

I have tried to confront people with 9-11 facts, especially the near freefall collapse speed. Disappointing! (Please contact me, carel.muller@zonnet.nl).

I did not try the partisan politicians, the rightwingers, and the sheeplike citizens. I tried the leftwingers, the Bush critics, the humanitarians, the most open, intelligent, curious journalists. A mystery! Norman Solomon, William Rivers Pitt, Truthout, AlterNet and even Michael Moore! No response.

It all started on 9-11; the main facts are easy to understand. There is a smoking gun, and at the same time nothing seems to trigger so much fear as the possibillity of an inside job.

anonymous responds:
Carel -
Perhaps the only thing more disheartening to me than the responses I encountered is the fact that you experienced similar ones from people who should have been more receptive!

I generally don't expect prominent people to reply to unsolicited messages, unless they have a very good reason to answer. So I didn't mind too much that my letters and e-mails essentially vanished (bread on the water!) Instead I concentrated on personal approaches and I spread my efforts over a wide spectrum. As a physician I know a lot of relatively smart conservatives. Yet, whether conservative or liberal, politically aware or oblivious, friend, colleague or acquaintance, the basic result was always the same: a pronounced reluctance to consider the facts. Like you I chose a single entry point, one that I considered so striking and so irrefutable that anyone must see the conflict between conventional wisdom and reality. Mine was the collapse of WTC 7: well documented with numerous clear videotaped images, an event absolutely incompatible with anything other than controlled explosive demolition. In fact, most people, if I didn't prompt them with the identity of the building, assumed that the images were exactly that: some other structure being brought down with explosives. (Think of Dan Rather's comment on the CBS videotape.)

Unsurprisingly most people preferred simply to let the matter drop, if they could. Those whom I pressed for an explanation dipped and dodged with the usual spectrum of evasions one would expect from someone who doesn't wish to be candid: press of other affairs, no interest in 'politics' (forsooth!), no head for 'technical stuff.' A few came up with more plausible excuses, either plucked from the published smoke screen or devised on their own: too many conspirators needed, why would anyone do such a thing, surely someone would have talked, etc. But they stuck with these reasons, even after I'd refuted them (gently or not!) In most cases, it quickly became clear that the real, the underlying reason was unspoken and far more resilient. Only one person, I think, spoke openly and honestly about his motives for rejecting the... Continued

carel muller of Eelde, The Netherlands responds:
Thank you Anonymous! I find it heartwarming and at the same time disheartening to read about your experiences that so strongly resemble mine. So this is it: we are stuck! What we do doesn't really help.

I read on 911truth.org this morning:
'The case for demolitions. There is no consensus on this issue among 911Truth.org staff or within the 911 truth movement, but here is a collection of articles.....etc.'

And: 'The intrepid director of Project Censored (Peter Phillips) cuts to the heart of the 911 truth dilemma, which is not the absence of evidence but the public's fear to know. It is perhaps time for some of us in the movement to rest the factual case and address the jury's fear. It's still by far the biggest hurdle we face and Phillips starts to help us surmount it here.'

I agree: let's focus on the jury's fear. Or better still, what strategy can we think of to help people (within the 911 truth movement and the alternative media) to overcome their fears?

carel muller of Eelde, The Netherlands responds:
Two sprouts ago I complained that even Norman Solomon, William Rivers Pitt, Truthout, Alternet, and Michael Moore seemed to belong to the 'They let it happen on purpose' line of thinking. While Dave Heller, Steven Jones, and Dr Griffin demonstrated that 'they made it happen on purpose.'

How naive could I be!

In his response to the open letter 'Shame on you William Rivers Pitt!' written by Keith Lampe and Peter Meyer (Serendipity June 17th, 2004), Pitt declares that he 'knows,' but that he considers his readers unfit to swallow this truth.

William Rivers Pitt is managing editor of Truthout.org. 'Truthout?'

John Sullivan of Royersford, PA responds:
Dear Carel: Sorry for the ignorant people who have put you off. Give WingTv.Net a try. I bet they will NOT put you off!


Brian O'Brien writes:
In response to 'Examining the London Bombings' by Tony Brasunas:

There's nothing new in any of this stuff. The British government engaged in terrorist activities for over 30 years in respect of its illegal and unwanted occupation of Northern Ireland. They carried out many of the atrocities that were subsequently blamed on the IRA including the maiming and killing of many British citizens. This is still going on today. Why was Tony Blair not indicted for war crimes for the role he and his British cabinet colleagues played in the phony war of terror against Iraq?

Larry Hannigan of Brisbane, Australia writes:
In response to 'I Want the Earth, Plus 5%' by Larry Hannigan:

This has now been faithfully reproduced in 9 languages. Thank you. Visit www.wheylite.com.au, and link to the Voice of the Flag.

Jim Beeker of Milwaukee, WI writes:
There is a literal mountain of evidence that casts grave doubts on the truthfulness of the 'official explanation' for 9/11. Why are we not seeing more of this evidence in the media? Some of the things I've seen would clearly warrant the front page of every major newspaper in this country, but they are all strangly quiet.

The thing that frustrates me is that when I even try to talk on this subject with my friends I'm dismissed immediately as a crack-pot conspiracy theorist - which I am not. Many people dismiss the theory of government complicity before they even hear the evidence to support it, simply because it is... Continued

Barbara Aquino of Los Angeles, CA writes:
In response to 'Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?', by Robert Scheer:

I only found this page in trying to see how I could contact Robert Scheer and lend support since I have just heard that the L.A. Times may be letting him go Jan 1, 2006. Please do what you can to keep his voice alive in one of the largest markets in the country!

Barrie Zwicker of Toronto, Canada writes:
I was immensely favourably impressed with your analysis -- and so hot on the heels of the events -- of 7/7.

Brian Emerick of Ocala, FL writes:
What a really great site. Thanks for your efforts.

Until we deal with the core of our problems they will never be fixed. Those problems are our representatives and how they are elected. We have to get the big corporations and big money out of the political system. I hate to sound like Ross Perot, but maybe the septic needs more than just a pumping. Maybe it's time for a new one.

The Declaration of Independence gives us the right to change our government; in fact it almost directs us to do so.

...Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...
Well folks, I think that time is here. Let us draw up the indictments, and get on with forming a new government.

PS: Read the first part of the DOI each week, it so inspires.

Lance Klumpe of new south wales, australia writes:
i want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. i know neo.

robert stinson of sydney, australia responds:
gday lance its audi rob the rabit hole is deep but good green and a volvo help

Christopher A. Brown of Santa Barbara , CA writes:
In response to '9-11 Truth: A Story On the Verge of Breaking Through', by Tony Brasunas:

Good presentation of generally available information surrounding neglect or complicity of high government position.

I have a web page about the tower demolition based on my viewing of a 1990 PBS documentary about the construction of WTC 1. I have experience with structural steel, steel reinforced concrete and above ground blasting. This experience... Continued

MeCoop2 writes:
Brilliant! If only people could think.

Tom Dworkin of San Francisco, CA writes:
Here's a page with excellent links to some of the most damning articles regarding 7-7-7... www.rense.com/Datapages/londonbmb.htm

Edward Teague of Rochdale, UK writes:
In response to 'Examining the London Bombings':

See www.postmanpatel.blogspot.com and start with a posting on June 11th and then jump to July 7th.

The 'bombers' were duped drug mules. Who organised them? Well take your pick. Read and form your own judgement.

Kevin Christaldi of Portland, OR writes:
Good issue and excellent London supplement.

We had maybe two hundred people (over the course of a three-hour presentation) check out videos and short talks about 9/11 at the downtown library last Sunday.

Keep up the good work.

Don Paul of San Francisco, CA writes:
Thanks for the good work here and for pressing on altogether. One of the best gatherings of information and analyses on 7/7 was done recently by Webster G. Tarpley. Webster knows false-flag operations about as well as anyone now writing.

Just in case you haven't seen it: www.serendipity.li/london/tarpley1.htm

Mark Leinauer, Attorney of St Louis, MO writes:
Please, lets leave the irresponsible conspiracy theories to the right wing cooks. The mere fact that one can deduce a motive for a person or a group does not mean that they perpetrated the act...and it hardly suffices as proof of anything. These are the sorts of arguments put forth by the ant-UN crowd and those that obsess over the 'Zionist conspiracy.' Hell, these arguments go back to the dawn of time. The logic is no different than that used to establish the old Knight's Templars/Stone Masons conspiracy theories.

The problem with all these theories is that they're unrealistic and completely ignore human nature. They assume a near perfect operation. Complete secrecy. Complete loyalty. And amongst an incredibly huge 'matrix' of people. What makes you think that the U.S. government (or any government for that matter) could pull this off? Have you ever worked for the government? They're just as incompetent... Continued

Tony Brasunas responds:
Thanks very much for reading, and, more, for writing. Many people I speak with share your view of terrorism, and, indeed, I shared your view until recently. By writing to me, I believe you've indicated you have the time and inkling to learn a little more about this. I hope you'll bear with me for a few more minutes to hear my two cents.

First, you may be right. The official conspiracy theory about the bombings in London... Continued

Daniel O'Neill of San Francisco, CA writes:
I always feel heartened when I receive G&G's e-mails. Things are so crazy right now. I live in the Bay Area and it is almost like you can see the flames everywhere around you of society burning. What terrible times we are living in! I feel attacked on so many fronts that it is overwhelming. Corporations and the government are literally getting away with murder and theft on vast scales. Corporations are the government are engaging in such egregious thievery and deception it is hard to believe!

I just spent a year living in Germany and was an active member of the local Greenpeace group in Freiburg. In Germany there are thousands of local Greenpeace groups that meet on a regular basis in thousands of cities across the country. It is like an accepted part of life there. I was shocked when returning here to see that there is nothing like this here, despite the bleeding need for it. I have been trying to contact the Greenpeace office in Washington and have been getting either ignored or complete bullshit responses from them everytime I tell them that I am interested in just trying to form a group with like-minded people who can meet... Continued

Anonymous of Santa Rosa, CA writes:
In response to 'Examining the London Bombings' by Tony Brasunas:

Definitely food for thought. Too bad the popular media is ignoring this story. But that is no surprise given their refusal to dig into the 9-11 event.

Jeff Strahl of Berkeley, CA writes:
The media obediently follow the cues provided by the US and British governments. They read the handed-down script regarding the London bombings, even as crucial details are being changed daily, not even pausing in the face of mounting inconsistencies. And this includes the 'progressive' media, be it the Nation or Pacifica, eager to prove they are of course not supportive of 'terrorists.' Read or listen all you want, you will find virtually no reference to the many questions being raised about the official accounts. This is quite similar to how the 9/11 events have been treated.

Among these questions are: Why and how did former Israeli prime minister get a warning to stay away from a place where he was to speak, located above one of the blast sites? How does 'suicide bombers' square with earlier police claims of timing devices? Why did the 'suspects' leave a car full of explosives in a parking... Continued

Elias Davidsson of Reykjavik, Iceland writes:
I found 'Examining the London Bombings: An Inquiry Into Motive, Opportunity and Evidence,' by Tony Brasunas, enlightening and well articulated.

The suspicion of an 'inside job' must remain present in order to remain alert to all evidence.

I wish to add that unless we have solved the crime of 9/11, we will not solve London 7/7. And as it has become apparent that 9/11 was definitely not committed by Muslim/Al-Qaeda, the probability is that neither Madrid nor London were committed by these 'Islamic fanatics' either.

Bob Brown writes:
This ['Examining the London Bombings'] is a great article. I was almost ready to accept the official story myself, but was wondering about other possibilities, in the light of 9-11. Hopefully, things will become clearer as time goes on. I will forward the article to my e-mail list.

Kit Watkins of Cary, NC writes:
Amazing article on 9/11 Truth. I'll soon be exploring the rest of your site. The writing is excellent and the topics fit my outlook completely, and there's lots to learn here. Keep up the fine work!

Anne Ford of Washington, DC writes:
Impressive website! I look forward to reading more of it. Keep up the good work.

Blimp Pilot writes:
Nice! Lots to read.

To our own collection of zesty Red Pills, we have recently added a light discussion of simple physics related to the supposed 'gravitational' collapses of the WTC towers, and what it tells us about the 'pancake collapse' theory.

You can find it at

Max Bushnell of Haddonfield, NJ writes:
In response to 'The Media Matrix Hides a Party', by Sam Smith:

Garlic & Grass is a moderate-green party forum that has just enough educational information to eek into the realm of pseudo-quazi-objective. That being said, 'The Media Matrix' opened the kimono a little too far.

Poll-based numbers, calculations, statistics, percentages, and color coded maps may appear quite convincing upon initial review. However, as a student of statistics and persuasion I must inquire; where is the empirical data regarding the questions, sample size, demographic, survey conductor... Continued

Anonymous responds:
Would this be William Maxwell Bushnell?

Jorma Anttila of Helsinki, Finland writes:
In response to '9-11 Truth: A Story On the Verge of Breaking Through', by Tony Brasunas:

Very good. In Finland we have a site, www.11syyskuu.org, which provides information about the 9-11 scam. Your article was mentioned there.

There is an excellent article by Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, a member of our group, that looks at The Pentagon Building Performance Report (January 2003) by the American Society of Civil Engineers: The ASCE's Pentagon Building Performance Report: Arrogant Deception - Or an Attempt to Expose a Cover-up?

Starchild of San Francisco, CA writes:
In response to 'The Matrix Hides Electoral Fraud', by Diane Perlman:

While I will not take issue with her claims that Bush won the 2004 election through vote fraud, Diane's theory that 'white, US born males are more emphatic about accepting the outcome and the futility of challenging it, while others are more willing to recognize being dominated and are open to questioning what happened' is poorly supported by the evidence.

The two presidential candidates responsible for the Ohio vote challenge, Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party and David Cobb of the Green Party, are both 'white' (the popular catch-all term used to lump together people of extremely diverse backgrounds and cultures from Siberia to the Azores... Continued

Howard Switzer of Linden, TN writes:
In response to 'Behind the Veil of The Bush & Clinton Years', by Tony Brasunas:

Great job. The great success of this 'matrix' you describe, historically, is due largely to the mandatory schooling system, the implementation of which began around 1915, that inculcates society's children with the cultural lies that the matrix managers rely upon. This is described in detail in John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education, 2004. It has been called the 'open conspiracy' because, while the evidence was always available, it resembled more a scientifically justified engineering project and thus was not to be disputed in respectable circles. After all they had a newtopian vision they were implementing which took about 75 years to do. Without it, America would be very different and probably more democratic today. But then, who really knows?

Cheryl D. Simmons of Danville, IL writes:
Glad I discovered your site! I will now be better informed to say the least!

Lights Lightoller of PA responds:
Excellent comment! Anyone who thinks that Bush is trying to make America safe had better THINK AGAIN! He wants America safe, all right--safe for him and his buds to pillage, and safe for them to run their oppression on everyone else...or eliminate them if they become troublesome. I have watched the past four years since 9/11 ( or as I call it 'Bush/11')with mounting alarm. These bastards are taking over and no one does one damned thing to try to stop them. Sadly I think the only REAL patriot is one who tries to alert his fellow citizens to what is going on. This is no longer America, but Amerikka!

Jeff Ray of San Francisco, CA writes:
Fantastic stuff! Just recently introduced to your journal by a friend.

Byron Belitsos of Marin County, CA writes:
Awesome--a brilliant issue! I will be forwarding your link all over the place.

Bruce Patullo of Philadelphia, PA writes:
In 'Behind the Veil of The Bush & Clinton Years', Tony Brasunas says, 'Awakening is an essential aspect of being alive. We have a deeper truth, a more universal perspective, and a freer mind to gain. We have only our delusions to lose.'

Years ago I stopped watching 60 Minutes, and the rest of it, and stopped reading several newspapers each day. Why? I got sick and tired of being pissed off about things I couldn't do anything about.

Nixon taught me: I can't do anything, because people will just stare at me like I have three heads when I try to tell them the real story. The media and only the media has the power to herd the sheep into an effective flock.

I'm mad as hell but just can't take it any more. I mean being a social pariah for knowing some of the truth.

Yeah, they've won. I gave it my best shot....but they've won.




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