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July 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
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How Should Religious People Respond?

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Garlic & Grass Discussion

I believe that some other forces were involved in the 911 Conspiracy right beside if not directing the entire plot.

In response to '9-11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?
' by David Ray Griffin:

As the dated phrase goes, "Right On" can only sum up your article. Unfortunately though I believe that some other forces were involved in the 911 Conspiracy right beside if not directing the entire plot. I speak of the Israeli (CIA) structured wing of their army yet seperate from such.

The Israeli Mossad is very active in the USA. They gather intelligence, defend Israeli interests and are capable of doing just about anything the have the desire to do. The Mossad also contains elements that are deemed extreme except in certain closed circles. These extremists are no different than the arab extremists who suicide bomb in the name of their cause and in the name of Allah. I believe that it is quite possible if not probable that Mossad WAS INVOLVED in the 911 attacks. In believing thusly I believe that Mossad was under the direct orders of the Israeli government and their high military command and Mossad extremists carried out the grislly task of the didhonorable 911 deeds.

I think that when a lot of readers see these comments they will believe that I am a raging anti-semite. Let them think that. I'm just calling a spade a spade when I see a spade. Who is benefiting the most from this conflagration, the USA or Isreal?

A tremendous amount of attention is now being directed against the USA there by turning down the heat that was previously directed at Isreal. The insurgents in Iraq have to come from some place and from doing something. I believe the some place was near Israel if not actually inside Israel. I believe the something was the constant aggravation of Israel via suiciders and the threat of such.

Why were Israelis video recording the 911 WTC attacks in New Jersey? Why were people dancing in the streets of Israel when they saw the descruction and death of thousands? Why did Benjamin N. say that now the USA and Israel would be closer and that he was not unhappy that the attacks occured? There are too too many questions unanswered regarding 911 and the US and probable Israeli connection. These are not frivilous statements but ones that need to be proven or unproven. Right now we are trying to prove that Bush had the fore knowledge of the attacks as well as many of his cronnies and cohorts did.

Bush is guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Treason, Murder and many more crimes. Isreal is guilty of Murder, hi-jacking and many other crimes also. This dismal episode of "Life in America" will continue well past when I am dead and gone. To many interests are involved in the cover-up to let the issue die an easy death. Please keep up the good writting and have no fear to write what you believe.

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