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June 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
F E A T U R E S :

New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?


Garlic & Grass is creating a community of individuals who are dedicated to visionary progressive change in our society, in our economy, and in our politics.

G&G is a forum for writing, reading, discussing, and understanding the current state of affairs in the United States. It is a place for collectively enacting change. We believe another world is possible, a world that works for all people. We are inspired by the politics of joy, truth, and justice

Were the mainstream media presenting to us a decently complete picture of the state of our communities, country, and planet, the need for G&G likely would not have been felt and its founding not been necessary. But the mainstream media has been bought, sold, and consolidated by large supranational corporations and turned into a corporate media. This has dramatically affected the breadth and depth of coverage of everything but stories serving corporate interests.

Good information leads to knowledge, good knowledge leads to understanding, and good understanding leads to a better inner and outer world. We will create this world through our vision, through our hope, through our compassion, and through our hard work.

G&G believes in seeing things how they really are. We are unflinchingly dedicated to seeking and telling truth – from specific truths about issues elided in the corporate media, such as: evidence of electoral fraud, underlying reasons for our modern wars, unanswered questions and uninvestigated events of 9-11, the similarity of the two old political parties, the widespread popularity of silenced ideas, the militarization of space, and the manipulation of fear – to larger truths about the possibility and potential for humankind to evolve and create a world of working communities in peaceful and sustainable coexistence.


The Prayer

This prayer is said as each new issue or update is sent out to subscribers:
I pray, I hope, I ask, I envision that these letters I now send bring to the world a bit of optimism, a bit of truth, a bit of hope, and a bit of inspiration. Towards a better world and a wiser, more compassionate humanity.


Why Garlic? Why Grass?

(We are neither a culinary nor a marijuana publication!)

We are committed to organic, healthy, rootsy inspiration. Garlic and grass are our symbols.

Garlic is the miracle that heals all ills, the flavorful panacea. Like progressive politics, garlic can be delicious while pungent, joyous while challenging.

Grass is the earth and the roots – the unassailable home from which we draw strength and tenacity, and in which we find warmth and unity.

Garlic & Grass is a Grassroots Journal of America's Political Soul.

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