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June 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
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On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

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G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

A Message for Humanity

The Kogi Tribe’s urgent call for our realignment with the Great Mother

In the beginning, there was nothing. All was darkness, Se. There was nothing at all. Only the Mother. She was Aluna. She was pure thought, without form. She began to think. The Mother conceived the world in the darkness. She conceived us as ideas, as we think out a house before we begin to make it. She spun the thread, spinning us all in the story, creating us in thought. And then came the Light, and the world was real.
      ~ From the movie "Aluna"

A potent and extraordinarily important message is emerging out of a remote range in the far northern reach of Colombia, South America. In a rugged and nearly impenetrable part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta lives a remarkable tribe called the Kogi, who have been quietly living in pristine harmony with the natural elements and the life-sustaining spiritual forces for many centuries.

Kogi shaman-priests, called 'Mamas,' spend years in training, drawing their knowledge from the laws of nature and the energy of the land.
Photo Credits: "Aluna the Movie"
The foundation of their work is rooted in clear intention and perception in order to remain aligned with the guidance that is revealed by reading the intelligence held within what they refer to as the realm of Aluna. This is the realm of co-creativity, of thought, of spirit, in which everything we know exists energetically. Aluna is the Great Divine Mother, the consciousness behind all creation, the source from which all life springs forth. This consciousness inhabits everything, and awaits the awakening of each soul's self-recognition as a great and uniquely powerful being.

The Kogi shaman-priests are called Mamas in their language, and they are mostly male. They spend years training to be able to discern what is real and what is false, based on the language of nature. They see more than just the physical reality that can be observed with the senses; they see simultaneous dimensions of cosmic forces and how they inform and weave into our reality.

The Kogi Call Us 'Younger Brother'

These Mamas say that the Mother has been showing clear guidelines on how to relate to and behave within each physical place, according to the original laws of nature. They also tell us most of humans are more like rebellious teenagers and do not pay attention anymore, that we have allowed our spiritual faculties to become like atrophied muscles over the course of many generations in which our priorities have shifted to selfimportance, indulgence, success, fame, recognition, profit, and distraction. Further, they say it is because of the way we mishandle the great gifts of life and energy that the world is in such a dire situation. They say we do not properly reciprocate for these gifts.

In fact, this is why they call us Younger Brother.

Prior to the 1980s, the Kogi lived more or less the way they always had. Then they began to feel the adverse energetic effects of human industrialization and globalization, as well as tendencies towards negativity and overly mentalized and intellectualized processes in our society. They began to feel that what they call the "Heart of the World" was being affected, and that the hearts of mankind on both a collective and individual level were being forsaken for invented goals and aspirations that ultimately lead to more disease and depression rather than towards cultivating greater achievement and collective good. We had lost our connection, they sensed, and the planet, the Mother, was being wounded. They could actually feel all this from within their own sacred land.

Listening to the Kogi Wisdom

When the Spanish conquistadors arrived on the Caribbean shores in the 1500s, the Kogi and their descendants knew they needed to remain safely physically isolated from the rest of the world. They saw firsthand what would happen to their indigenous wisdom and their valuable understandings of the ways of nature, and they knew inherently how important it was to preserve the ancient knowledge, to continue to practice spiritual engagement with the forces of nature to maintain balance. They chose to remain in their sacred mountains to serve the role they say humans were put here to do: to care-take and to provide revitalizing energy to support and sustain life on Earth.

We must each start to recover our original purpose.

The Earth, we learn, and the intelligence within nature, requires that humans protect both their individual and the collective energy, in order to maintain harmony for the proper organization and exchange of life-providing sustenance. The planet is so vast and so exquisite, and, just like within our bodies, each component is critical and must function properly according to its intention in order for the whole to exist cohesively and sustainably. The Kogi say we must each start to recover our original purpose and become empowered as energetically manageable conduits in the heart, giving back at the same frequency and intensity with which we take. If we do not reciprocate for what we receive, then we deplete nature's ability to remain in healthy balance.

Elsewhere in the Americas we now know that over the course of the last five centuries nearly every tribe and culture has been, in some way or another, removed, destroyed, infiltrated, or assimilated. The Kogi remained outside the reaches of civilization, of Younger Brother, and focused on impeccably maintaining the diligent work of obedience to the principles and integrity of life, as these principles were handed down through generations and through alliance with the divine source.

Reaching Out for the First Time

In the 1980s the Kogi determined it was time to speak to Younger Brother directly. It was time to tell him that his ways were deleterious to the health of our shared world, and that unless we changed, we were going to destroy ourselves. They allowed a documentarian from the BBC to bring a small film crew into the Sierra to listen to their wisdom and hear their message. The entire project was orchestrated through spiritual readings performed by the Mamas; they wanted to ensure they were following the right steps. The film, "From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother's Warning" (viewable on YouTube) was released in 1990 and was seen by many.

Sadly, however, Younger Brother continued to plunder and create serious ongoing problems for the world.

Twenty years later, the Kogis called the same documentarian back, because they realized they needed to come out with a new message, with more specific details about what they are urging us to understand. Now, today, this film has been completed. It was released worldwide in October. The movie is called "Aluna," and the Kogis hope you see it immediately. It is available to view online as well on DVD (see www.alunathemovie.com).

It is because of this important film, and the noble cause of supporting the Kogi mission, that I write this article.

It's Our Turn Now

The time has come that we must do our part. These elders of ancestral wisdom cannot do it alone any longer, and they want us to learn how to cultivate spiritual engagement and integrate the messages and teachings into our own lives wherever we are. What they are asking us to do is to consider seriously how we are living, thinking, acting, and maintaining ourselves. They wish us all to know we are more than just physically functioning bodies; we are spirits, unique souls with a great potential mission to fulfill. They want us to protect the sacred sites of our world, and to understand the Mother is living within all of us; the Earth is a living being, just as much as you and I, and we are required to be an integral part of its sustenance. We cannot keep consuming without reciprocating. Our role as humans is to protect the balance, to align, and to serve. We are mighty souls with dignity, and not meant to be just personalities and ego-driven desirers of more peak experiences and endless consumption.

A documentary film crew was allowed access to the Kogi to film their lives and record their message for the world.

The Kogi wisdom asks us to engage in devoted inquiry within and active work to be able to be part of the solution. By clearing our negative associations with harmful activities, actions, thoughts, ideologies, perceptions, projections, blame, and addictions; and by clearing resistance and avoidance tendencies we allow to keep us from revealing the truth, we can then begin serving that which is greater, that which truly sustains us, and that which provides the nurturing vital energy that maintains all existence in its originally intended cyclical flow.

The Kogi believe we each made a powerful agreement as a soul before we came here, and it is both our privilege and our responsibility to recover that agreement and live from it, amidst all the pressures in our culture to do anything but. They say we've allowed the light of our spirit to become dimmed over and almost nonexistent, and we create energetic debt when we don't use the lifeforce we've been gifted for the right purpose. We are co-creators, and we reinforce the status quo we see in the world if we are alienated from connection to our soul; but if we unplug from the imposed understandings we've been conditioned by, and rather infuse our hearts with conviction to recover our original agreement, we then establish a level of resonance which will bring us powerfully in alignment with the energy that enhances harmonious life. This will empower others to do so as well and will serve as a great achievement, setting the record straight that we are here with purpose.

The Kogi are a great example, a living testimony. They stand for what they see and know, and tell us all to do the same: Come back to the Mother; Stand as a soul with a mission to bring back harmony and balance. The next generation is awaiting our legacy. The living original wisdom is within each one of us. Wake up, and stand as a soul. What are we waiting for? It's time. We agreed to do this and now we have to get to work.

Michael Brasunas Michael Brasunas, LMBT, BCT has been training in the Andean spiritual arts with a mentor who works directly in alliance with the Kogi Tribe from Colombia. Michael's primary purpose and work is to serve humanity humbly and assist the planet to become revitalized in the natural functioning of harmony and balance, in accordance with the Original Living Knowledge. To contact him or for more information, you can visit his website at www.recoverthesoul.com.

This article, written by Michael Brasunas and edited by Cam MacQueen, originally appeared in Pathways Magazine, a quarterly journal and resource guide for the greater Washington DC area committed to providing the public with free access to local resources and specific tools for improving life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

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