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April 16, 2024  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
F E A T U R E S :

New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

Previous Issues

Issue 8: The Matrix (Spring '05)
It's time to look behind the veil of the Bush & Clinton years. This issue of G&G examines and illuminates a layer of lies through which Americans view current events. Why are the two big political parties so similar? Why is the media peddling so many small lies? Let's peer into the darkness to find the underlying truth about 9-11, global finance, our military goals, and our inner mental and spiritual state.

Issue 7: A Time to Vote (Fall '04)
It's 2004, a time to vote. But let's not only vote, let's envision and act for the change that's necessary. Let's see voting as an act of solidarity with the movements we support. Let's be inspired. As its first endorsement ever, G&G happily and proudly endorses David Cobb, the Green Party's candidate for president.

Issue 6: Celsius 9-11 (Summer '04)
It's a marvelous film. Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 breaks the sound barrier on controversial political issues – and so some folks now swear the film must be full of lies. But it turns out Moore soft-pedals the movie's most explosive scene: Bush's behavior on 9-11 itself. Celsius 9-11 is hotter than Fahrenheit 9-11.

Issue 5: America's Political Spectrum
(Winter 2003-04)
America's political discourse has taken several great strides over the past few decades. They were all to the right. It's time for the pendulum to swing back. Let's take a step back and look at the political spectrum – and all the choices we have – in today's America.

Issue 4: What Is Progress? (Summer 2003)
Defining progress for modern times. Today, we Americans have the power to decide where this planet will go for the next century. So what are we envisioning? What are we calling progress? G&G examines how we think about evolution, ecology, and the future.

Issue 3: Did Bush Know? (Spring 2003)
Focusing on American conspiracies, particularly 9-11. Hindsight is 20-20, and anyone can make allegations. But really, why did the president seem so unsurprised when he was notified on that fateful morning? How did we receive so many warnings from other governments, and not know? Why weren't Air Force jets scrambled to protect the Pentagon, the most protected airspace on the planet?

Issue 2: Big Media (Winter 2002-03)
Examining how media consolidation and corporatizaion have affected American news. Six media giants control most of what we hear, read, and (logically) think. So are issues that these supranational bodies dislike being suppressed?

Issue 1: The Vote (Fall 2002)
Focusing on the state of our electoral democracy. How and why do Americans vote? Why do so many choose not to vote? How can we improve our elections and our democracy to best empower the will of the people?

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