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January 30, 2023  
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Issue No. 7 - A Time To Vote
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: A Time to Vote

Voting, Not Voting, and What Really Matters

A Persuasive Progressive: G&G Interviews David Cobb

The Great Presidential Debate...Hasn't Happened Yet

The Strange Rise and Fall of Howard Dean

Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Cobb and Kerry

Making a More Delicious Democracy

What Shall the Perplexed Voter Do?

2000 Cometh Again: Will Kerry Gore Himself?

The Soil: G&G's 2004 Election Guide

A Time to Vote
From top, clockwise: Badnarik, Kerry, Peroutka, Bush, Cobb, Nader. Six white men applying for one job. We like David Cobb, left.
Six white men are seeking the job.
G&G likes David Cobb, left.

The time has come to vote. Engaged citizens do everything they do with a mind to how their actions will affect their community, their neighborhood, their city, their state, their country, and their planet. For the rest of us, the bare minimum of citizenship is to vote. G&G encourages Americans to love this responsibility rather than fear it.

While voting isn't true self-rule, as it might be in an ideal democracy, it is a solemn opportunity for all citizens to communicate with their rulers. Most people throughout history have enjoyed far less self-rule than we do today. It is not a time to duck, cover your head, or hold your breath. It's not a time for timidity. It's a time to create and sustain a new movement for peace and prosperity... FULL STORY

U P D A T E S:

  • ELECTION 2004
    After the massively anticipated election, which apparently will return the plutocratic Bush Administration to the White House, G&G brings you two ways to view the events of November 2. Both are supported by intuitive thinking and physical evidence:

    1. Kerry won; The election was stolen.
      There is increasing evidence from diverse sources that massive election fraud occurred. Even doing the simple math on the voter turnout numbers reveals a likelihood of enormous fraud.
    2. Kerry lost; Voters chose on the basis of character, issues, and supporters.
      By failing to stand strongly for anything, Kerry failed to win voters on any visceral level. Sometimes we trust more the person who speaks confidently, even if we disagree with his words.
  • Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked
    They're even saying it on Fox: "This was no mere mistake," noted Dick Morris. "Exit polls cannot be as wrong across the board as they were on election night. I suspect foul play."
    by Thom Hartmann
  • Documented Election Fraud in One Florida County
    Berkeley graduate students experience disturbing election fraud firsthand...
    by Libby Anker, Ryan Centner, et al.
  • On The Eve of the Election
    G&G offers two articles neglected by the mainstream media. First, all of the presidential candidates, except Kerry and Bush, have now joined the call for 9-11 Truth. Also, at long last an IRV bill is introduced in Congress. Notice I didn't mention forgotten old Osama bin Laden's videotaped election editorial, which looks as odd as snow in July...
    by Tony Brasunas
F E A T U R E S:
  1. Voting, Not Voting, and What Really Matters
    One single little vote may not seem like much, and maybe it won't even count. But envision your vote as part of a larger movement away from fear and towards participation in the awakening of our planet...
    by Ahri Golden
  2. Perfect Circle - Garlic & Grass Exclusive Interview
    David Cobb, Green Party Presidential CandidateA Persuasive Progressive:
    G&G Sits Down with David Cobb

    The Green Party candidate for president talks about Iraq, Nader, 9-11, and the "debates," as well as the importance of having an electoral arm to the global movement for peace and democracy. Resist the law, he says, if they try to draft you...
  3. The Great Presidential Debate...Hasn't Happened Yet
    None of the debates thus far has ever pitted more than two candidates against each other. So G&G presents you with virtual reality: A Virtual Debate. Also, listen to Kerry-Bush; Cobb-Badnarik; Cheney-Edwards; and more...
  4. Who Took Howard Dean Down?The Strange Rise and Fall of Howard Dean
    Every four years we tell our rulers what we want. Or is it, every four years, our rulers tell us how to think? A fascinating case study is Howard Dean. He was "connecting;" then he was "liberal;" then "angry;" and finally "unelectable."
    by Mary Greenberg
  5. Our Open Letter to Progressives:
    Vote David Cobb Here and John Kerry There

    A collection of notable progressives from around the country urges a coherent strategy for your trip to the polls this November...
    by Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsberg, Robert McChesney, et al.
  6. Let's Make a More Delicious Democracy
    Here In the Land of the Free

    Democracy is like a sandwich. The more flavors the better. Sick of the menu? Tired of the lesser of two evils? Let's make the American electoral system really cook – so that everyone gets a seat at the lunch counter. An insightful German shares a proven recipe...
    by Sven Eberlein
  7. 2000 Cometh Again: Will Kerry Gore Himself?
    Will John Kerry squander his chance at the White House by being uninspiring? Is it just a coincidence that the Democrats have now given us two presidential campaigns in a row that don't seem to speak out or stand up for anything?
    by Andrew Christie
  8. A Word or Two for the Perplexed VoterWhat Shall the Perplexed Voter Do?
    We citizens aren't superheroes. But as we did a century ago, we need to rise to the occasion for this election and vote with clear minds and clean consciences. Here are some handy tips for navigating your ballot...
    by Caroline Arnold
R E S O U R C E S:

The Soil: G&G's 2004 Election Guide
Let's simplify. The issues confronting us in 2004 can be divided: The Enormous, The Large, The Medium, and The Distractions. G&G breaks down the issues and examines where the candidates stand...
by Tony Brasunas

More Information
Electronic Voting, Blackbox Voting, and the Rigging of Elections; the candidates' official websites; the 'real difference' between the parties; register to vote; and more...

"The price good people pay for their indifference to public affairs
is to be ruled by evil men."
- Plato

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