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April 1, 2023  
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Issue No. 7 - A Time To Vote
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: A Time to Vote

Voting, Not Voting, and What Really Matters

A Persuasive Progressive: G&G Interviews David Cobb

The Great Presidential Debate...Hasn't Happened Yet

The Strange Rise and Fall of Howard Dean

Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Cobb and Kerry

Making a More Delicious Democracy

What Shall the Perplexed Voter Do?

2000 Cometh Again: Will Kerry Gore Himself?

The Soil: G&G's 2004 Election Guide

G&G Resources

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Resources for A Time to Vote (Fall '04)

  1. » Register to Vote - The national registration form [PDF]
  2. The Soil: G&G's 2004 Election Guide - The issues. The Enormous, The Large, The Medium-sized, and The Distractions.
  3. How They Could Steal the Election this Time - The serious possibility of electoral fraud, the problems detecting it, and how you can get involved in preventing it.
  4. BlackboxVoting.org - Revealing the story on planned fraud and electronic voting machines.
  5. TheRealDifference.org - A detailed Green analysis of the "Real Difference" between the two big parties
  6. Badnarik.org - The official website of Michael Badnarik
  7. GeorgeWBush.com - The official website of George Bush
  8. VoteCobb.org - The official website of David Cobb
  9. JohnKerry.com - The official website of John Kerry
  10. VoteNader.org - The official website of Ralph Nader
  11. Peroutka2004.com - The official website of Michael Peroutka

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