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June 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 5 - The Political Spectrum in America
C O N T E N T S :

New » What Makes a Candidate 'Electable'?

Introduction: The Lay of the Land

The Psychology of Conservatism

Left, Right or Center: Who's Conservative Today?

A Lone Voice of Principle Broadens the Debate: G&G Interviews Matt Gonzalez

Signs of Life on the Left

Keeping the Flame Alive: Greens Anchor the Spectrum

Over the Rainbow: Libertarians Offer a Different Spectrum

Taking Back America, From the Radical Middle

  WINTER 2003-04 ISSUE
America's Political Spectrum

America's political discourse took several great strides over the past few decades -- and they were all to the right. Today, our two big political parties speak almost entirely about the issues of the right, from the perspective of the right, only with different emphasis. We hear a lot about tax cuts, business development, crime, security, and war -- always in a language of fear. Dreams of a Great Society, of equality, of social justice, of universal healthcare, of progress towards the American society envisioned in our founding documents -- are they gone? If we look honestly at the spectrum, we're moving towards the purple. After 30 years, it's time for the pendulum of discourse to swing back... FULL STORY

C O N T E N T S:

UPDATE What Makes a Kucinich, Dean, or Kerry 'Electable'?
'Electable,' a term used in the mainstream media for candidates who are not too far out on the spectrum, smells manufactured. Are the media corporations deciding for us?
by Rob Arnow
  1. The Psychology of Conservatism
    Just published over the summer: a fascinating scientific study of conservatism and conservative writing. Bush and Hitler share at least one characteristic...
    by Kathleen Maclay
  2. In taking that first bite, was it Adam or Eve who was conservative?Left, Right or Center: Who's Conservative Today?
    Defending existing conditions; preserving institutions; limiting change? Maybe the Republicans, Democrats, and Greens don't line up on the spectrum where we thought...
    by Tony Brasunas
  3. Perfect Circle - Garlic & Grass Exclusive Interview
    A Lone Voice of Principle Broadens the Debate:
    G&G Talks with Matt Gonzalez

    The highest-ranking elected Green talks about IRV, Howard Dean, San Francisco socialists, and what even a single voice can accomplish from inside the halls of power...

  4. Signs of Life on the Left
    The Republicans first began their successful assault on the national opinion dialogue in 1964. Now there's finally a movement to rescue it, and us...
    by Eric Alterman
  5. Keeping the Flame Alive: Greens Anchor the Spectrum
    Shining like a lighthouse, or burning us all?Idealists and pragmatists alike are seeing through the nonsense and propaganda -- and joining a party whose values don't change. But now the Democrats need something from them...
    by Barrington Daltrey
  6. Over the Rainbow: Libertarians Offer a Different Spectrum
    Some places on the spectrum offer great personal freedom, while others offer great economic freedom. What if you want both?
    by Chris Maden
  7. The Lay of the Land
    In Tony Brasunas's introduction to this issue, he looks at the spectrum's pretty colors -- and what they stand for. If this country were to start on a new path tomorrow (or, say, in 2004), what values and policies would be best?
    by Tony Brasunas
  8. Taking Back America, From the Radical Middle
    If you protested the war, or wanted to, now is the time to take another radical step -- join the Democratic Party. See the pitfalls, imagine the possibilities...
    by Thom Hartmann


"Freedom lies beyond conformity or rebellion."
- Sam Keen

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