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April 16, 2024  
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Issue No. 3 - DID BUSH KNOW?
C O N T E N T S :

New » More Big Questions on 9-11

New » Watch Out For Fake Terror

The Minute-by-Minute Timeline of 9-11

The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2002

Fake Terrorism Has Always Cleared the Way for Dictatorship

They Tried to Tell Us: Foreign Intelligence Before 9-11

911: The Confluence of History, Conspiracy, and Prophecy

President Bush Caught Lying About 9-11

G&G Arts Special -- Book Review: The War on Freedom


For about 30 minutes after his chief of staff told him that America was under attack, Did Bush Know?George W. Bush continued to sit in an elementary school classroom listening to a second-grader tell a story about a pet goat. He did a marvelous job of looking unsurprised. FULL STORY

UPDATE More Questions About 9-11
They just keep surfacing, from G&G readers and from elsewhere. Perhaps because 9-11 remains the pretense for eroding our rights and starting wars...
by Tony Brasunas
UPDATE Watch Out For Fake Terror
With the government itching for war, history says we'll soon see fabricated events to scare us and false reports to persuade us...
by Tony Brasunas

F E A T U R E S:
  1. Introduction
    Welcome to Garlic & Grass's conspiracy issue. Let's shine the unstinting light we've shone on voting and media into the shadows surrounding 9-11...
  2. The Minute-by-Minute Timeline of 9-11
    The world-famous timeline. Carefully documented, amazingly meticulous. If you read only one thing in this issue, read the timeline...
    by Paul Thompson
  3. The Top 10 Conspiracies of 2002
    A "Cliff's Notes" to all the important stories: Bush looks unsurprised on 9-11; It's all about the black gold; The complicity of the media...
    by Mike Ward
  4. Fake Terrorism: The Events That Have Often Cleared the Way for War and Dictatorship
    Cicero used it, Hitler used it, LBJ used it. Who's next? History provides some clues...
    by Michael Rivero
  5. They Tried to Tell Us:
    Foreign Intelligence Warnings Before 9-11

    Did Bush Know? Well, lots of other people did, and they tried to tell him.
    by Paul Thompson
  6. 911: The Confluence of History, Conspiracy, and Prophecy
    Cosmically, all is unfolding as it should...
    by John Henry Dale The War on Freedom
  7. Special - Garlic & Grass Arts
    Book Review: The War on Freedom
    Examining the "War On Of Terrorism," and its underlying causes...
    Book review by Carol Brouillet
R E S O U R C E S:

President Bush Caught Lying About 9-11
Audio, video: Bush telling tales in multimedia...


"The spectators see the game better than the players."
- Chinese Proverb

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