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June 30, 2022  
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Issue No. 8 - The Matrix
U P D A T E D :

Iraq War Truth

9-11 Truth

The Matrix Hides Electoral Fraud

Watch the Labels the Media Uses

The Media Matrix Hides a Party

When Morpheus Comes

Examining the London Bombings


The 'I' Word

Democrats Better 'Republicans' Than the Politicians in the GOP

We're All Paranoid

More Evidence of Vote Corruption

When Media Dogs Don't Bark

F E A T U R E S :

Behind the Veil of the Bush & Clinton Years

Entering the Era of Deep Politics

Liberating the Mind, Leaving the Matrix

The Military: An Interview with Stan Goff

Geopolitics: It's Now or Never for Washington

Finance: I Want the Earth, Plus 5%

Book Review: Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

Poem: The Four Horsemen of the Average Fixed Cost

 M A T R I X

Congressman (R) Asks If It Was All a Big Mistake

Congressman (D) Calls For Real 9-11 Hearings

L.A. Times: Is Al Qaeda Fake?

Miami Herald: 'Dean Scream' Was Fraud

Former CIA Condemns New 'Attack Matrix'

Together, We Moved Three Mountains

Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

New Poll Finds Bush Ideas Already Out of Step (Supposedly We Just Reelected Him)


The Matrix

In the past few weeks, Americans have witnessed political revelations that have further eroded public support for the Bush Administration and its largest and most symbolic undertaking: the Iraq War. There is broadening public skepticism about both the administration's goals and their honesty. Are we seeing a historic time of unraveling, a moment of truth, an erosion of the matrix?

NEW Examining the London Bombings
We at G&G extend our deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones in the horrific terrorist massacre in London. To honor the dead, we must work harder. We must never let this happen again. To do so, to prevent further crimes like this one, it is essential to determine who exactly the terrorists are.
  1. Iraq War Truth: A Story Breaking Through the Matrix
    The Downing Street Memos are finally exploding across the media landscape, revealing truths that lie just behind the matrix. Whispers of impeachment, both parties to blame...
    by Cynthia Bogard
  2. 9-11 Truth: A Story On the Verge of Breaking Through
    An irresistible force – truth – is crashing against the matrix. This review of the latest developments includes a G&G exclusive by Don Paul, a critical examination of the Kean-Zelikow Commission by David Ray Griffin, and the story of yet another Bush team member blowing the whistle on horrendous lies...
    by Tony Brasunas
  3. The Matrix Hides Electoral FraudTake the Red Pill and See Behind the Matrix
    It's all psychology. The matrix lulls us, soothes us, cleanses us with a gentle brainwash, until we are unable even to consider that our 'deeply divided nation,' with it's fiercely opposed Democrats and Republicans, could possibly be suffering fixed elections...
    by Diane Perlman
  4. Watch the Labels the Media Uses
    The labels are the facade of the matrix. If you read newspapers, listen to the radio, or watch television, you know that the media has assigned Muqtada al-Sadr a peculiar job title: Radical Cleric...
    by Ted Rall
  5. The Media Matrix Hides a Party
    Do the American people even know what they're missing? A party! It turns out, statistically, this party might be the people's favorite. If only they knew...
    by Sam Smith Awake from Hypnosis
  6. When Morpheus Comes
    One man's personal testimony to the power of the matrix – and the possibility of awakening...
    by Jason Miller

U P D A T E D   N E W S   R E V I E W:

More tips of the iceberg poking through the corporate media's endless sea of scandals and entertainment...
  1. The 'I' Word
    It seems that now, after the explosive Downing Street Memos, we can finally exhale and say it. Impeachment. The time has come. The Boston Globe allows that, well, not that we didn't know Bush was lying all along, but that now there's more conclusive proof...
    by Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese
  2. The Myth of a Divided America Democrats Better 'Republicans' Than the Politicians in the GOP
    Stop the presses! The L.A. Times discovers that Democrats act remarkably like Republicans. The implication – that the two parties are similar enough to be considered wings of a single party, aspects of a single political movement – is not explored...
    by Michael Kinsley
  3. We're All Paranoid
    Rare coverage of the 9-11 Truth Movement, a movement of millions of Americans. Wielding disparaging remarks, the San Francisco Bay Guardian travels with some of the leaders of the movement, gives a balanced report of the 'conspiracy theory,' and discovers gaping holes in the official story...
    by Steven Jones
  4. More Evidence of Vote Corruption
    Curious? Wondering about the chances that exit polls were so wrong on that fateful election day in November 2004? Try 1-in-959,000...
    by Stephen Dyer
  5. When Media Dogs Don't Bark
    GM brazenly pulls it's money from the L.A. Times, parting the veil briefly that obscures corporate matrix control of the media. Softer, steadier control is the norm...
    by Norman Solomon


"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

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