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April 16, 2024  
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Issue No. 8 - The Matrix
U P D A T E D :

Iraq War Truth

9-11 Truth

The Matrix Hides Electoral Fraud

Watch the Labels the Media Uses

The Media Matrix Hides a Party

When Morpheus Comes

Examining the London Bombings


The 'I' Word

Democrats Better 'Republicans' Than the Politicians in the GOP

We're All Paranoid

More Evidence of Vote Corruption

When Media Dogs Don't Bark

F E A T U R E S :

Behind the Veil of the Bush & Clinton Years

Entering the Era of Deep Politics

Liberating the Mind, Leaving the Matrix

The Military: An Interview with Stan Goff

Geopolitics: It's Now or Never for Washington

Finance: I Want the Earth, Plus 5%

Book Review: Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

Poem: The Four Horsemen of the Average Fixed Cost

 M A T R I X

Congressman (R) Asks If It Was All a Big Mistake

Congressman (D) Calls For Real 9-11 Hearings

L.A. Times: Is Al Qaeda Fake?

Miami Herald: 'Dean Scream' Was Fraud

Former CIA Condemns New 'Attack Matrix'

Together, We Moved Three Mountains

Media Whites Out Vote Fraud

New Poll Finds Bush Ideas Already Out of Step (Supposedly We Just Reelected Him)

The Four Horsemen of the Average Fixed Cost

When they rebuilt the Tower of Babel
after Jehovah the terrorist knocked it down
they stood it upon four cornerstones:
Diebold, Sequoia, ESS, and SAI.

Four branches connected at the root
to defense contractors like the Carlyle Group
and to President Bush of the Help America Vote Act
and Dick Cheney as Dr. Strangelove.

Think about it for a moment:
the four companies that tell us how we voted
are all owned by powerful Republicans whom
Bush made even wealthier by rushing out their machines.

On the first cornerstone sat a Dynacorp employee holding a videotape
of his rape of the twelve year old sex slave he bought
for six hundred dollars from the Bosnian mafia.

On the second sat a Haliburton executive, in one hand
he held explosives and in the other the keys to a bulldozer
and at his feet in the rubble of cities lay half the wealth of the world.

On the third sat a soldier with his prisoner on a leash
amid the remains of families. He never thought he'd go to war.
He doesn't know how much longer his service will be extended for.

On the fourth cornerstone sat a preacher who seemed to read
from a Bible but his eyes were blindfolded
and silently a mass of the sighted closed their eyes.

Retreating inward into screens and fleeing outward into space
feeling safe from the threat of gay marriage
the New Babylonians and their New Centurions toil
while the world trembles toward the last drop of oil.

Now is the time for whistle blowers, reporters, and lawyers.
Now is the time for truth telling, art making, and protestors.
Now is the time for communication and comprehension.
Now is the time for faith in prevention and invention.

Ronnie Pontiac, editor of a collection of essays on Homer, and author of other scholarly works, is Senior Editor at Newtopia. He is the guitarist of Lucid Nation.

This poem was originally published in Newtopia Magazine, Vol. III, No. 19 - "Economics", December 2004.

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