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October 6, 2022  
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Issue No. 6 - Celsius 911
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: Hotter than Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 Wakes Us Up

A Professor Leads the Charge: G&G Interviews David Ray Griffin

Unflinching: David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor

Taking a Closer Look: The Collapse of The Towers

Michael Moore, Enhancer of Democracy

Fahrenheit 9-11 Is Fair and Balanced

Being George Orwell (in 2004)

From the Archives: The 9-11 Timeline

Garlic & Grass Discussion

I notice a few people stuggling with thinking outside the box about 9/11.

In response to 'Taking a Closer Look: Hard Science and the Collapse of the World Trade Center' by Dave Heller:

I'm encouraged to have found this article (great job, Mr. Heller), and even more encouraged to see a lot of people starting to question things.

I notice a few people stuggling with thinking outside the box about 9/11 because they get hung-up on the seemingly illogical notion of a government attacking its own people. The way out of that mess is to stop thinking about "government" in the abstract and start thinking about the real people with personal interests in positions of real power.

For example, I watched a very surprising video a couple of days ago that I'll link up for those interested...

Family Link to Kennedy Assassination

What's most fascinating is the web of connections between the bush family and all of the likely suspects of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. The evidence connects the Kennedy assassination through to Watergate, and from there it could be easily continued into this analysis of 9/11 as all being strangely implicating of the same small group of evil elites.

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