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July 23, 2024  
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Issue No. 6 - Celsius 911
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: Hotter than Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 Wakes Us Up

A Professor Leads the Charge: G&G Interviews David Ray Griffin

Unflinching: David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor

Taking a Closer Look: The Collapse of The Towers

Michael Moore, Enhancer of Democracy

Fahrenheit 9-11 Is Fair and Balanced

Being George Orwell (in 2004)

From the Archives: The 9-11 Timeline

G&G Resources

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Resources for Celsius 9-11 (Summer '04)

  1. 911truth.org - The new homepage of the 911 Truth Movement
  2. Center for Cooperative Research - Fully documented 9-11 timelines
  3. 9-11 Research - Broad collaborative research website
  4. WhatReallyHappened - Updated regularly with 9-11 information from across the world
  5. 9-11 Commission Underfunded - Time magazine covers Bush's opposition to the 9-11 Commission
  6. Microsoft's Slate.com - The other side: The sometimes liberal Christopher Hitchens lashes out at Michael Moore
  7. Independence Institute - The other side: The conservative libertarian Dave Kopel argues Fahrenheit 9-11 is full of lies
  8. New York Review of Books - A nuanced, very intellectual critique of Fahrenheit 9-11, by Geoffrey O'Brien
  9. MichaelMoore.com - Moore's 'war room,' where he backs up the facts in Fahrenheit 9-11
  10. Asbestos Exporsure and Mesothelioma - Awful health effects suffered by rescue workers and others near the Twin Towers after the demolition/collapse
  11. Global Outlook - Article on fascinating and disturbing ties between the CIA and al Qaeda
  12. Oil Empire - Are Amy Goodman and Pacifica as opposed to the 9-11 Truth Movement as NPR and the corporate media?

Latest at G&G
03.13 - I have very extensively researched the Twin Tower Collapses
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03.06 - Your article makes a hell of a lot of sense, I must say.
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