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October 2, 2023  
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Issue No. 6 - Celsius 911
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: Hotter than Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 Wakes Us Up

A Professor Leads the Charge: G&G Interviews David Ray Griffin

Unflinching: David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor

Taking a Closer Look: The Collapse of The Towers

Michael Moore, Enhancer of Democracy

Fahrenheit 9-11 Is Fair and Balanced

Being George Orwell (in 2004)

From the Archives: The 9-11 Timeline

Being George Orwell (In 2004)

"A spokesman for the Senate Independent Inquiry Into 9-11 said today that the investigation has turned up evidence that points to a plot involving both present military and administrative government officials. Al Qaeda was involved, but they merely carried out the deed. The hijackers evidently trained at U.S. military bases..."

I feel my knees weaken. I turn the radio up all the way.

"The spokesman added that an undisclosed official in the US military command issued a stand-down order on the fateful morning. The Senate Inquiry has found other facts which the 9-11 Commission overlooked, but which are evident to the committee and are essential in discovering the true details behind 9-11. The spokesman refused to comment when asked about the political implications of this discovery..."

I fall back on the bed. Gazing at the ceiling, my eyes follow the whriling blades of the ceiling fan. International Inquiry? Military Command? Stand-down? I blink. OK. Bush's presidency was illegitimate and going nowhere. They wanted the Iraq War. But slaughter 3000 people? No. This must be Orson Welles.

I hop back up and roll the radio dial to another station. "...but the President would not respond to repeated questions concerning..." My God. It's true! What the hell is the story? Some sort of master pot? Must've been Cheney. Bush is too stupid. Or is he? Yes, he is. It would be the CIA and the military, together. But then everyone would know! They couldn't keep the cat in the bag. Too many people, too many eyes. Or maybe they all wanted it. Everyone. A bigger military, a bigger war. Another Pearl Harbor. And all of this escalation ever since - this War on Terror - they got it. It's perfect. To conquer the world? It's absurd!

I get a glass of water and stumble back to the bed. No one, not even the president could fool all of the people all of the time. That's the saying. But yet - maybe. The Pentagon was hit. How? How could there have been no defense of our trillion-dollar military headquarters? Was there a stand-down? Of course! There had to be. Wait – the Pentagon had to be hit - for us to all be brainwashed afterwards. We had to think we were under an actual military attack. Otherwise, were it just the Twin Towers, it wouldn't have been so easy to declare global War. So who's in charge? Cheney? The CIA? Maybe Bush is a puppet...he plays along with them...he ignores everything...he reads a story about a goat. Then on TV he declares war. And the CIA, involved in civilian activities? Maybe they did murder Kennedy.

But why are the Democrats so quiet? I'd expect them to be yelling. And the media? How could this have happened? No, this must be wrong. This is insane. They couldn't have done this! I sit down and laugh. I hold my face in my hands. Bush, even Bush, wouldn't do this. There are too many honest people on the lookout. Scientists. Engineers. But maybe the media and the Democrats are just scared and riding along, too. They're all owned by the big corporations that made millions off 9-11 and are making more in these wars. It's about money. That's why they did it. And everyone's scared shitless to come forward. I would be. There was Richard Clarke. All the poor guy said to the public was, "I'm sorry. The country let you down." Everyone cried, and he was treated as a martyr, as if he broke some huge sound barrier. Maybe they're going to elect Kerry quick, so they can sweep this under the table. Skull & Bones. That's the plan. Could it work? What's the end goal, a military dictatorship? Maybe just to get the Iraq War and keep Bush president? Maybe to help the military. But is it worth it to them for just eight or ten years? Maybe a slow evolution to military control. A police state under a slightly modified Constitution? Or do they want a full-out total dictatorship? How much of the government knows about it at this point? How much of the population is going along? Everyone seems scared. But I bet millions of people have suspicions. Will the military go into action and violently take over the country? Bush wants to stay president. The Supreme Court is behind him. They put him there. An amendment to abolish Congress? End elections? All this enforced by military might? Who can stop it if it's this far already? They did what they wanted. Ashcroft does what he wants everyday. What's left of the Constitution?

But what about local governments? And the states? Hardly any will go along. Can they hold out? Not against the army. But will individual soldiers go along? Won't they refuse to repress their own country? Some will refuse. But they'll be attacked by the others who follow orders. If everyone in the military follows orders, they'll take over the country. Eichmann followed orders. It can't happen. What can Bush want? More power? A larger ranch? It must be the oil companies. They've been on the defensive for years, now they can get Iraq and the Caspian Sea and not have to quarrel with anyone. The war has increased their power. But the soldiers. They won't all go along. What if they're promised something? Most come from lower class situations where they have nothing. What if they stand to gain? What then? They could seize water, electricity, gas, and other utilities. Who could hold out? This is fantastic! Absurd! Impossible! It can't happen here.

But what if it is true? What can I do? Wait for something else to happen and then resist? It will be too late. They'll already be in control and I won't be able to do a thing. I must stop it where it can be stopped: the military. Get the soldiers prepared to dissent from their superiors. Some won't do it, they're trained like dogs. Some won't even see what is being done. Some will want to do something, but they won't. They'll think they're already helping the country. They'll want to be told what to do. They'll be secure. I'll have to convince them the republican form of government is better. How? It's not easy if they really don't want it. If it doesn't work? If they start taking over everything? Then what? Flee the country? Maybe by then they'll have closed the borders. Another wall? What should I do? Wait? The propaganda might reach me. Join the army? Yes, I'll enlist! How can one man stop an army? I'll organize discussion groups. Maybe guerilla units! Be ready to counter superiors from within and without. I'll need organization. Theirs is already so big. Maybe it's too late. But shouldn't I try? I could never lead a successful revolt against such an organization. What if I fail? I'll be shot. What if the story's false? I'll be in the army. Should I flee? Desert my country? Is it still my country? Can I even escape by fleeing?


Those were my thoughts back then. During that first hour. I'd just realized the plot. It worked so beautifully - for four years. Then it was 2004 and we got Kerry. And it was too late. We were all being fed huge amounts of propaganda. Most of us didn't even know. Military-Corporatists were already in key industrial posts. In the months that followed, the transition was made fairly smoothly. The draft started and the army put down dissent here and in Iraq. A biological agent was released in San Francisco and Chicago in June of 2006. Everything shut down for months. Clean water and air were soon scarce for everyone - and unavailable to dissidents. Most dissidents fled up here to Canada with me, but some stayed and are now in prison or haven't been heard from since. MCG (The Military-Corporatist Government) even used us 'old-thinkers' in their information campaign. MCG said we were wrong-headed activists or evil terrorists. I was a terrorist. We were all called enemies who wanted to overthrow MCG. Now, MCG has been streamlined so that the governing is done by the Chief Military Advisor and the Strong Homeland Supervisor. No one's seen the president since he was reelected.

About three months ago, Canadian subsidiaries of U.S. firms were brought under MCG control. Canada is now in a precarious financial situation. It doesn't have any large companies. MCG's blockade of Canada to prevent emigration has been quite successful. There is a motion in the Parliament up here now to merge with MCG.


Tony Brasunas can still be reached just fine at tony@garlicandgrass.org.

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