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October 6, 2022  
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Issue No. 6 - Celsius 911
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: Hotter than Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 Wakes Us Up

A Professor Leads the Charge: G&G Interviews David Ray Griffin

Unflinching: David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor

Taking a Closer Look: The Collapse of The Towers

Michael Moore, Enhancer of Democracy

Fahrenheit 9-11 Is Fair and Balanced

Being George Orwell (in 2004)

From the Archives: The 9-11 Timeline

Garlic & Grass Discussion

Why Americans still believe in the official 9-11 story

Hi, Mr. Heller, your article is absolutely excellent. However, my realization of the WTC demolition theory is not from your article but from a video made by a american student who believes that 9/11 was a domestic attack and a plot executed by the Bush administration to open war on the whole Middle East. The video said exactly the same thing as you said in your article, including the free fall theory and how absurd it is that the "Media" acutally try to convince everyone in this country that the WTC towers acutally collapsed due to the impact of the airplane. How can a building designed to withstand almost any natural disaster collapse because its top 15% was damaged? The most possible scenario should be the top part of the WTC fell off sideways, assuming the jet fuel actually could melt the steel that's tested to stand up to 3000 degree heat.

I think the reasons many Americans still believe in the official story about 9/11 are:
1) Many of them indulge in their luxury life inisde America and therefore neglect whatever has happened if it doesn't bother them.
2) Americans are actually the most severe victims of American entertainment. Many Americans are experts on dating and partying instead of putting any interest in science and intellectual knowledge. Mr. Heller, I think you probably know that even if your article were shown to everyone in American, probably more than 50% of them will have no clue what you talking about. (In America, a person is a much bigger loser without a girlfriend than someone who can't pass Algebra)
3) Patriotism; Loving United States of American is absolutely right to do, but serving Bush Administration and their ambition is wrong. Many people are unable to distinguish these two.

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Posted By Curtis Scott:

You hit this nail on the proverbial head. The primary problem with much of the culture in the USA is the fact that ignorance & debauched thinking is idolized. Homer Simpson is real & he probably lives in the average US home (or at least next door)! The really tragic part is that people have a choice as to what they'll submit their mind to. Since the bread & circus mentality is easier to consume than the whole grains of mental disciplines like math, science & fundamental law, the mental results will most likely parallel the metaphorical illustration. Anyone feeling "deficient"? Probably not: As "stupid" doesn't know just how stupid, stupid is.

But "stupid" loves to voice his opinions (which are like what, I've heard...)! and since "stupid" can't figure out how he'd have pulled of "this or that", he figures it's beyond the scope of anyone. Stupid hasn't considered what evil men armed with intellect can pull off. Stupid's too busy paying off the 30-year mortgage (on schedule & sooo proud of it) & other 'responsible stupidities' they've willingly taken on. "Extended warranty! How can I lose!"

Unfortunately, "Stupid" is often inbred with "Lax". I've discovered this because even after stupid is put on notice, his first reaction is to declare the problem so large as to be irresolvable (the implied message being that it should just be ignored).

"Don't ask me to give up my box-seat tickets in order to help out your cause. Don't you know that it's too big for anyone to do anything about!" - Stupid

Fortunately, there are people who have a moral sense deciding to toss out the TV-service & bring in the broadband. As they grow in number (thanks to a small vocal minority) - some very amazing things are bound to happen (and at some point - some motivated person is going to plant a single stone between the eyes of what appears to be an unstoppable giant).

At the end of the last revolutionary war, Judge Lynch was having British-sympathizers strung up so fast that the English language got a new word. There is one facet about history that is a constant: It tends to repeat itself. All we need is some good old Common Sense to prevail.

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Comments posted on Sprouts do not necessarily reflect the views of Garlic & Grass or its writers.

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