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December 5, 2021  
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Issue No. 6 - Celsius 911
C O N T E N T S :

Introduction: Hotter than Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 Wakes Us Up

A Professor Leads the Charge: G&G Interviews David Ray Griffin

Unflinching: David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor

Taking a Closer Look: The Collapse of The Towers

Michael Moore, Enhancer of Democracy

Fahrenheit 9-11 Is Fair and Balanced

Being George Orwell (in 2004)

From the Archives: The 9-11 Timeline

Garlic & Grass Discussion

So many people have been afraid to speak the truth for so long; I thank God for people like you

In response to 'Taking a Closer Look: Hard Science and the Collapse of the World Trade Center' by Dave Heller:

Well done Dave. So many people have been afraid to speak the truth for so long; I thank God for people like you. I started doing my own research ever since I asked myself, Why did WTC7 also collapse?

A must see video for everyone is called "Loose Change." You can download it for free. Just do a google search on it.

We can stop wondering about how WTC7 collapsed. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC building, admitted that the building was demolished - or "pulled" as they call it. He said this openly on national television (PBS). The reason he gave was that he and the fire department thought it was the best thing to do for "safety reasons". Now, even if you believe his justification, could demolition experts have been able to meticulously place the dynamite in WTC7 amidst the ruins of the WTC1 and WCT2 that same day? That's a ridiculous claim. Ask any expert. It takes months to prepare a building for demolition. The dynamite had to have been placed well before 9-11.

That's only the beginning of the facts anyone who decides to seek the truth will encounter. Or how about the fact that V.P. Dick Cheney took command of NORAD only months before the attacks? Did he do this just because he was bored, or so he could enforce a "stand down" by the military while the plot unfolded? Or how about the fact that at least 12 of the purported 19 hijackers are still alive today, some working in coutries like Saudi Arabia? Did they come back from the dead? Or how about the fact that none of the black boxes from either plane that slammed into WTC1 and WTC2 were ever recovered, but Satam al-Suqami's passport miraculously made it through the fire, fell down 110 stories and was sitting atop a heap of dust, concrete and steal unscathed. Are we all fools? That's what this president and the mainstream media have played us for. The official 9-11 story is plain nonsense and the evidence which supports that is now overwhelming. For all who will take the time to seek the truth, more power to you.

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