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April 1, 2023  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
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New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

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Stevie Martinez wrote:
I have to speak out. If this was a controlled demolition the ISEE (International Society of Explosive Engineers) would have said so. This fine organization and it's members write the books when it comes to controlled demolitions, building implosions etc. Being a member, an engineer, and having watched all the footage I can of the collapse of WTC 1 & 2, these were not controlled explosions but severe failures of the structure brought on by the fact that the steel where the planes hit had softened enough that they could no longer hold up the 20 or so floors above them. All that weight coming down on the building caused it to fall in on itself, yes there have been building fires but not ones being fed by several thousand gallons of jet fuel. If it was just a fire, with no fuel to feed it and a working sprinkler system, it would not have come to this. Also, the planes are light hollow tubes flying through the air at fast speeds, the only really solid parts are the engines, my friend worked with the government investigating plane crashes, he always told me that when the plane is moving fast enough when it hits the ground, water or a building, it shreds into almost nothing, all that thin aluminum just rips apart like paper when it hits a solid object or hard enough surface. So those planes going full speed into WTC 1 & 2, the Pentagon and that field in PA, they were all going too fast to leave much solid evidence. Hence the lack of major wreckage.

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