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April 1, 2023  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
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How Should Religious People Respond?

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Will We Choose To Survive?

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Whose Good? Who's Evil?

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George Wortham wrote:
Kieth McConnell must work for the Bush Administration and the international oil companies which are responsible for the 9-11 crime. The towers were leveled to gain worldwide support for bombing Iraq. Also I would like to point out that immediately after 9-11, Israel started heavily bombing Palestinians, it seems Israel had prior knowledge of the 9-11 attack as did the US Government.

First of all jet fuel is not like kerosene, it is kerosene...which burns at a lower temperature than regular car gasoline. Kerosene is very much like diesel fuel... this low temperature fuel was burning at an even lower temperature than usual, as evidenced by great amounts of black smoke, indicating incomplete combustion.

Here's the 9-11 smoking gun:
(Forget the creep rate...which in this case is nothing more than worthless information)

The two tallest towers that fell (more on the third tower #7, later), fell in 10 to 13 seconds each. The floor levels at which the planes hit...fell to the ground at the same speed as would be determined by gravity if there were no floors beneath to offer resistance. The floors beneath would offer some resistance, which would results in a longer fall time. But because the floors beneath were destroyed by explosives, the buildings were able to fall at a free fall speed. Creep does not cause things to fall through the air at faster than normal speeds, which it would have to do to explain how these huge buildings collapsed in such a short time. Expertly set-off explosives is the only possible explanation. Period.

The U.S.governments 9-11 commission report claims fire unlikely caused the collapse of building #7, the third tower that fell near the twin towers. The commission report also suggest more investigation is needed.

As a side issue, I'll mention that G.W. Bush's brother "Marvin" was a principal owner of the security company (Securacom now Stratesec) that was responsible for providing security to the twin towers. If someone gouged you or someone in your family, would you think of this gouger as your friend? The International oil companys involved in stealing trillions of dollars from Irac in the form of "privatised oil" have gouged the USA before, they are not our friend. Nor are they Iraqs' friend. They are just mass-murdering multi national oil companies, Whom, if our army is successful in Iraq, will become the benificiaries of trillions of dollars, Iraq's dollars, Iraq's oil.

Now imagine WHAT the oil companies can do to us when they get these trillions (80% to oil companies...20% to Iraq. (This is the deal being offered the Iraq's if they want our continued military help, without which Iraq becomes one big free fire zone, one big hell.) Especially now that Bush has driven our country deep in debt... As a people...we are placing our own future in jeopardy as we continue to help the oil companies to steal trillions of dollars.

Check this Time Magazine site out.

This is all true, and makes me sick to my stomach.

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