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April 1, 2023  
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Issue No. 9 - Heaven & Earth
F E A T U R E S :

New » A Message for Humanity

On Morality: The Most Sacred Good

On Courage: Acting in the Presence of Fear

From Darkness, Awakening: A Department of Peace

Spirit Matters:
G&G Interviews Michael Lerner

We Still Need a Religious Left

9/11 and the American Empire:
How Should Religious People Respond?

Saving Fundamentalists From the Religious Right

The Dark Jesus: Spiritual Imagery Inspires Change and Heals Racism

Will We Choose To Survive?

A Sneak-Peak Interview with the Messiah

G&G Arts - Essay
Whose Good? Who's Evil?

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Gibby of Cape Girardeau, MO wrote:
Mr Jones, you are referring to the "Gliewitz Incident," correct? If so, nice historical correlation. There are a lot of similarities between the two incidents if what some people are saying is true. Project for the New American Century says that "the New Pearl Harbor" would awaken America and make it clear that we need to emphasize even more on military dispite the fact that the cold war was over. It doesn't really forecast it. But it should still raise a couple of eyebrows. It's written by everyone currently in Bush's administration along with a few other lower profile neo-cons in 1998.

But I am being too politcal.

When you break it down, science and the irrefutable laws of physics hold the truth. If anyone feels that there is something fishy about 9-11, put your faith in science and reason. Igonre any and all political implications, etc.

Mr. Heller, would you like to help a group I recently joined called "The 911 Truth Project"? It is made up of college students on The Facebook who seek more answers about 9-11. It's not political. We just want qualified people to set up tests that prove/disprove the official/conspiracy stories that we have been told since 911 and the ones that have been floating around the internet. I know little to nothing about physics. But the Law of Conservaiton of Matter seems to refute everything the official story says.

Please email me if you read this sometime soon. We are looking for members of the scientifc community to come in unbiased with no political baggage and test this out. We want people who represent both sides of this debate to help us out.

My email is mtgibson1s@semo.edu

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