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June 30, 2022  
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Issue No. 4 - 
C O N T E N T S :

A New Progress, A New Evolution

Creating A World In Balance Instead of an Empire of Oil

A Green Deal For America, From President McCain

For Real Progress, America Needs Democracy

Economic Development Is Progress - Sometimes

Keep Your Mind Balanced And Your Eyes On The Prize

You Might Hate 'Em, But Those Hippies Are Right

G&G Wellness #1
Progress and Technology Begin in the Heart

G&G Wellness #2
Progress Is Awareness Of Our Own Inner Power

Defining Progress For Modern Times

You might have noticed: the United States of America is running the world right now. We're in charge. This very morning, you and I woke up as citizens of an empire at the peak of its power. The actions and decisions we have made since waking up, and the decisions we make as this day continues, will determine the condition of this planet for the next few centuries.

Yes, it's an exciting, fascinating time to be alive and American. As citizens of this democracy, you and I have more power to shape the Earth and its future than common folk have ever had before. We have at our disposal the resources to create a world of peace or a world of war, a world of fear and self-destruction or a world of justice and harmony.

This situation won't last forever; a couple of decades or centuries pass and history always moves on. The question is, will we Americans leave the world a better place? A hundred years from now, in the year 2100, will humanity be thankful that Americans were at the helm back in 2000? Will people look back with respect and admiration, or with anger and shame?

It will depend of course on what we do now, on what path we follow. And the path we follow will depend on what we envision, on what we call progress -- for we have the power to create what we envision.

So what do we call progress?

Many of us still find the Olympic motto -- "faster, higher, stronger" -- to be enticing. And of course many of the miraculous gains of traditional progress continue to bear fruit.

But scientists are wondering whether the Enlightenment hasn't reached its logical conclusion: the rush to reduce reality to atoms and sub-atoms has taken us from Newton's apple all the way to the threshold of replacing our own species. "Gene therapy," cloning, and robotics threaten to end our natural evolution and replace us with human hybrids. Our swift transportation devices and complex industrial machines are rapidly ruining our only real asset -- the earth. The path we are on, say experts from a diversity of perspectives, will destroy us.

So let us re-examine our idea of progress. Whether we decide it's space exploration or solar power, efficiency or liberation, inner personal growth or outer collective betterment, now is the time to decide.

Then, with the tremendous American power and authority at our disposal, let us move ahead with determination, joy, and curiosity.

Enjoy the conclusions nine diverse Americans have reached in defining progress for modern times...

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Tony Brasunas is publisher of Garlic & Grass. Contact him at tony@garlicandgrass.org.

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